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Best Destinations & Places to Visit in Australia

This continent Australia has an enormous expanse of land but practically submerged under the ocean waters. The majority of the land surface is Australia a large island whose interior is a dry plain. The climate varied greatly. From one island to the next ranging from the humid. Tropical climate of pacific islands to the dry hot deserts of Australia’s inland. Kangaroos have a pouch in there. Belly where they carry and nurse the young ones. This rare species is a specialty of Australia. Coral reefs there is only one Great Barrier Reef in the world and it is in Australia. It extends over 1200 miles of Coast line and it is the largest living being in nature. It is made up of millions of coral skeletons that have accumulated one on top of the other over the years. Thousands of different species of fish live in coral many of them have brilliant colors and very amusing name parrotfish, damselfish, butterfly fish box fish and surgeonfish.

Sent from a world of Islands there are about 25000 Islands in the whole acidic ocean. Many of these islands and islets make up what is known as Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia. Post cards from Australia two very famous structure in Sydney are, the harbor Bridge finished in1932 which many call as The Coat Hanged because of its shape and opera house which is more modern with its grandiose coverings. In the shape of a shell. Full sail ahead the Australians are NEW zeal adders are sailing enthusiasts. Sydney Bay in Australia is constantly bustling with ships of all sizes.  Tons of wool the farmers of Australia and New Zealand take care of large herds of sheep. Each year, shear tons of wool that is sold to countries all over world. Flora and fauna of Australia; Animals alive in Oceania that are not found in any other place in the world. Some are really strange, like the duck billed plats a mammal that had a beak and lays eggs or the kiwi a bird with whiskers.

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