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Latest Water Purifier In India

Things to be aware about water retention

Nearly 70 % of human body is incorporated with water. It does occur on the interior or exterior of the cells. Once water accumulates in excess at the human body it can lead up to fluid build-up in the circulatory system or be in the cavities of the human body. This can emerge in various areas of the human body and it could occur due to a variety of reasons as well. The need of the hour is to figure out what are the reasons for water retention in individual areas of the human body.

Some pointers about water

  • Human body is incorporated with 70 % of water
  • Symptoms of water retention would mean discolouration of the skin or even stiff joints


Various reasons can be attributed to the cause of water retention in a human body. In fact hormones along with hormone related components have a role to play in regulation of water levels. These points to the fact that the excess amount of water is excreted from the human body in the form of urine. Once you drink less amount of water lesser levels of urine would be produced. The retention of water could occur due to changes in the regulatory system along with a range of various triggers.


The fluids that are a rich source of vitamins, oxygen along with nutrients pass from the small blood vessels on to the adjacent tissues. This goes by the name of interstitial fluid. If pressure inside the capillaries is bound to change there is a possibility that water retention might take place. On the other hand if walls of the capillaries are known to become weak, water retention could occur. Once the pressure level triggers or if the pressure of the wall is known to become a lot leaky then it makes its way on to the spaces between the cells. If a lot of fluid is being released it would remain in the tissues, rather than making its way on to the capillaries paving way for swelling or even water retention.

The heart

Pressure at normal levels of your heart is maintained by the pumping force of the heart. Once the heart starts to fail an alteration in your pressure levels is anticipated that could pave way for enormous water retention. In addition, the feet, legs and even the arms would start to swell. The possibility of fluid build-up in the lungs also occurs posing difficulties to people in the cough and breathing issues.


For ensuring proper balance of water, human beings need a desired amount of protein on a daily basis. If an individual is coping up with protein deficiencies, it is really hard to obtain water from the spaces and move back on to the capillaries. For someone who is starving an enlarged abdomen could arise due to lack of protein in their diet.

Lymphatic system

This system is known to drain a fluid, termed as fluid from the tissues, as this would empty back on to the bloodstream. But in case if you go on to release a lot of fluid this system could be overwhelmed.  The fluid is not able to return fast, and this tends to accumulate around the tissues.

In certain situations the system could be congested, so the rate at which the fluid is returning back to the bloodstream might be prone to changes. These points to the fact that the fluid might remain in the tissues leading to swelling in various parts of the body and this includes the ankles, feet and the legs.

The kidneys

Through the kidney blood is filtered. The fluid, waste along with other substances is extracted and go on to form tiny tubules. At this juncture the bloodstream would reabsorb anything that it can use. The waste material makes its way out from the urine.

In any case the kidney is known to excrete all the waste material that the body produces. In the event when the blood flow to the kidneys is being affected, problems can flare up. When a kidney failure occurs waste material is not able to make out from the body easily. This would result in fluid retention.


The weight of the growing baby puts a considerable degree of pressure on the pelvis and this ensures enough build-up of fluid in the human body. In any case there is not a lot to worry as it might resolve on its own once the baby is born.

Home remedies

Various solutions in the form of home remedies are available for water retention that can be undertaken at your home. How effective the remedy is would depend upon the severity and even location of the condition.

Research drives home the point that use of dandelion can reduce the symptoms of water retention in a single day. This component is available online and you need to speak to your doctor before you resort to the use of home remedies.

Once you keep your legs raised for 3 to 4 times in a day could help in circulation and even shift the fluid. Even to sleep with the affected limb over the level of your heart would be another way to reduce fluids. To provide a massage in the affected area stroking in the direction of your heart is another popular home remedy. This would help to move the fluid and it would be really important to understand that the hand movements should not be causing a lot of pain.

Diet and proper intake of water

With a well- crafted diet you can manage water retention in your body. At the same time the water that you might be drinking has to be pure and clean. Though a lot of diseases are known to occur once the water is not pure. In this regard it is suggested that you should consume water from the latest water purifier in India. They go on to remove all the impurities present in water and make it fit for human consumption.