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Plan a Day Out with Your Loved Ones for Kitesurfing

Take Up Kitesurfing for a Day of Family Fun

It can be hard to keep an entire family entertained when planning an outing. Picnics become stale, you can only visit the zoo so many times, and swimming can even become too routine. Plan a day out with your loved ones for kitesurfing and watch as the spirit of excitement is revitalised.

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A Little History on Kitesurfing

Kites have been around since the 7th century. Utilising them for more than fun, they have been used to measure air temperature, propel ships and, of course, proving that lightning was electricity. The days of Ben Franklin and his experiment has long passed, but the uses of the kite have continued to evolve. Finally, in 1984, kitesurfing was developed and introduced by a pair of brothers in France. One thing led to another and in 1997, the use of kite and board were finally perfected.

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Why Training is Important

As with any new endeavor, there are regulations of safety that have to be learned. It may look like a piece of cake when watching an individual glide through the air, but the wind has its own set of rules. Respecting the direction and speed of wind plays an important part in manipulating the equipment. It is relatively easy to learn the moves of kitesurfing, but without knowledge, anything could go wrong. When you plan a day out with your loved ones for kitesurfing, it is important to know that everyone has been properly trained on equipment, how to react to certain situations and keeping safety first.

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Types of Equipment and Supplies

There are specific types of equipment that are used in kitesurfing. These usually include:

  • kite
  • bar
  • board
  • wet suit
  • harness
  • life jacket
  • helmet

Gearing up for a flight can seem extreme, but kitesurfing is an extreme sport. Once up in the air and feeling the rush, all of this gear is proven necessary. Goggles are another good idea and once at a professional level, a mounted camera can even be used to capture spectacular views.

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Selecting the Perfect Area

Tarifa, Andaliusia, in Spain is known as one of the windiest areas in Europe. Wind is needed for kitesurfing and knowing the balance of the wind can be a major plus in enjoying the sport. An Eastern or Western wind is routine for this area and the temperature is normally predictable. Other great areas for kitesurfing include Naxos, Greece, and Praia do Guincho, Portugal. There are many other terrific beaches and islands where kitesurfing is popular. Get the advice of people that visit an area before trying it out. Many people comment that areas with lagoons are perfect for enjoying a day of kitesurfing.

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Advanced Kitesurfing

Do not be surprised if at least one member of the family wants to learn some kitesurfing tricks. As the comfort level increases, so will the need for new adventures. Sign up for advanced lessons at Aurelia Herpin Kite School in Tarifa in order to learn the latest moves. They offer group classes, personal training, beginner learning and advanced kitesurfing. Learning the concept and getting in hours of training will make this family sport more enjoyable.

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Never hear moans of discontent or boredom again when you plan a day out with your loved ones for kitesurfing. The experience is naturally fulfilling and exciting. Scope out areas close to home when travel is not possible and discover new places where your growing skills are challenged and allowed to grow.