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Stunning Rooftops photos of Hong Kong

Today presenting of Great Inspire is Hong Kong based Photos. my name is Romain Jacquet-Lagrèze, I’m a photographer from France. This is a collection of genuine instants from the daily life of Hong Kong’s inhabitants on the city’s rooftop. All the photos are non-staged and I had to wait for the very right moment in order to capture them and show the vernacular culture of people living in such an extremely urbanised environment. It was one morning in 2014 when I found myself on a rooftop while scouting for another photo project. The sky was very clear that day, and the rising sun illuminated the city little by little, opening small pockets of light through the buildings. At that moment, a patch of rooftop nearby was suddenly bathed in light, and something on it moved. Looking more intently, I realised it was someone mending an aerial, as though spotlighted by the sun. I quickly snapped the scene, entranced by the magic of the moment.