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The Items of Men’s Wardrobe That All Women Like

A real man can say a lot with his appearance. Clothing, shoes, hair, accessories and other attributes speak for its owner. We will tell you what elements of the men’s wardrobe will help to attract women’s attention and to win acceptance from the fairer sex.An attractively dressed man can win the heart of any woman.

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Tailored to order business suit

An elegant, solid costume is a classic. And as you know, classical clothes never go out of fashion. If a woman sees a man dressed in a perfectly matched suit – she will never remain indifferent.

White top and jeans

This simple-looking, but rather attractive combination, will give the man masculinity, which most women like.

Henley T-shirt

A Henley style shirt is a popular element of clothing of famous Hollywood actors and world athletes. Carelessly unbuttoned collar attracts the views of the fair sex.

Quality shoes

Good shoes is the most important element of the wardrobe, which speaks about a man a lot.  Girls are well aware that men’s shoes should always be clean, high-quality and elegant. A combination of shoes with clothes is the main thing . That’s why ladies often pay attention to this element of the men’s wardrobe.


Girls like when a guy wears a T-shirt or a V-neck sweater. This gives masculinity and grooming. This is what draws the eye.

Rolled up sleeves and a thin tie

This image is the ideal combination of business style and carelessness. A tie adds seriousness, and rolled up sleeves dilute the image, as if to say: “My work is not the only passion that moves me.”

A T-shirt with a print

Even the most ordinary things will play interestingly if you add an image of a T-shirt with a stylish and original print. It can be an inscription, a picture or a pattern. Choosing a T-shirt, pay attention to the quality of the print. This is important, because after washing the defective application can be erased and the thing will be spoiled.

A shirt with short sleeves

Until the 2000s, shirts with short sleeves were not taken seriously by fashion designers. However, over time, this garment took an honorable place in the world of fashion . For today, men wear not only classical models, but also experiment with fabrics and combinations. These shirts are combined even with jackets.Considering the fashion trends, a  summer shirt with a short sleeve is the best choice. The main thing is that it should fit the figure.

Often you can see the picture when the shirt is too loose or vice versa – it fits your stomach. Too loose sleeves are also inappropriate, as well as tightly fitting.

Correctly matched shirt should fit adequately without focusing on the muscles or the press. The optimal length of the sleeve is up to the middle of the bicep. In the fold of the arms, the sleeve must not be pinched either.

Useful recommendations:

– Unfasten one or two buttons from the top.

– The pocket on the chest will become a repository for glasses or other small accessories.

–  You can make stylish rollers on the sleeves.

Tastefully selected accessories

Now all kinds of leather, wicker, metal and rubber bracelets, scarves, glasses are in fashion. They add a bit of romance. And this is what girls find very sexy.


A tastefully selected headpiece transforms a person and stands out from the crowd. So choose the right hat / cap / baseball cap and be ready to be in the spotlight of girls.

Well-groomed appearance

A man can wear stylish clothes and fashion accessories, but if he looks untidy and sloppy, we doubt that he will make a good impression. If a man wants to be next to a well-groomed and beautiful woman, then he himself must take care about well-groomed and neat appearance.