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World’s Most Beautiful Cottages

A cottage is, regularly, a little house. The word originates from England where it initially was a house that has a ground floor, with a first and foremost, lower story of rooms which fit inside of the roofspace. In numerous spots the word cabin is utilized to mean a little obsolete house. In current utilization, a cabin is normally an unobtrusive, frequently comfy abiding, commonly in a country or semi-provincial area. Initially in the Middle Ages, bungalows housed rural specialists and their loved ones. The term bungalow signified the home of a cotter. Consequently, houses were littler worker units. In that early period, a narrative reference to a bungalow would frequently mean, not a little remain solitary abiding as today, but rather a complete farmhouse and yard (but a little one). Would you live in one of these cottages?

After the Storm – Lake O'Hara by Shuchun Du on 500px Back to the chalet by Maxime Plantady on 500px Black Rock Cottage Glencoe by Hilda Murray on 500px cottage by Moga on 500px Lago di Braies by Martin Rak on 500px Magical Cottage by Jeff Clow on 500px Only In Dreams by Ryan Buchanan on 500px Reflection on Velika Planina by Gitta Sladič on 500px The Firefly Cottage by Ifthikhar AN on 500px The House of the Setting Sun by Rob Kints on 500px The journey begins by Guillermo Casas on 500px

Wooden challet in the Dolomites mountain in winter

Wooden challet in the Dolomites mountain in winter

Winter in Valmalenco by Fabrizio Iacoviello on 500px WINTER MORNING by Jørn Allan Pedersen on 500px Winternight Poetry by Pia Steen on 500px Wonderland by Davor Plesa on 500px


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