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Jammu & Kashmir Tourism After Removal of Article 370

On 8th August 2019, there was a special new for the people of J&K. This is the decision of the NDA government to remove Article 370 in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. This is a great relief for its locals, Valley peoples and definitely for the domestic and international tourists. J&K is a heaven on Earth. The present J&K status as a union territory will rejoice the Himalayan tour in India. Hope, the present government will bring back its tourism industry to the normal track. It has amazing places to see once in a lifetime. J&K is the pride of Majestic Himalayas. Here, we have discussed the places of improvement to promote global tourism in the Jammu and Kashmir.

 Jammu & Kashmir – A Heaven for Honeymooners

We hope the Bollywood film style scenes will come back on the Dal Lake soon. One can expect boathouse tourism as in the Alleppy. They are specially meant for the honeymooners. With the removal of Article 370, private parties can acquire land and properties. This will promote the tourism and allied industry. This will also generate employment in this Valley. We hope to see a budget-friendly to luxurious lake view lodges and resorts for the honeymoon couples shortly. It is an all-season tourist place. However, one can expect the snow during the winter season (November to March).

Gulmarg – The Ultimate International Skiing Destination in this World

This is a ski resort and its developments were slow for the past five decades. After the removal of Article 370, this place will have international recognition for the armature and professional skiers. Apart from skiing, this will be the preferred destination for mountain snow recreational activities. There are lifts and cable car present in Gulmarg. They are the highest and longest in entire Asia. This place has heli-skiing facility. The international tourist like this facility the most in a ski resort. We hope there will be more private participation to develop as one of the all-season ski resorts in this world. The present government must see the accommodation side to invite snow sports at the international level.

The Road to Heaven – Ladakh

This is the world’s highest road. It will be a pride to travel on this high altitude road by SUV and bike. This area has a vast opportunity for roadside shops, hotels, and bike rental. We hope this will be a busy road on the Greater Himalayas present in India. When you travel to Ladakh, you will feel like heaven. This is the beauty of this mountainous region, which is also known as a mountain desert.

It was a dream to remove Article 370 since the NDA government came into power since the year 2014. However, they were able to do this by having a majority in both the houses in the year 2019. Everyone is expecting to earn through J&K tourism. This is because; it has already pulled the international tourists. The present government will take such initiatives, which will take the J&K to earn the majority of its revenue through tourism.