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Beautiful Pictures of Sunflowers

This sunflower species is also used as bird food, as livestock forage (as a meal or a silage plant), and in some industrial applications. The plant was first domesticated in the Americas. The domestic sunflower often possesses only a single large inflorescence (flower head) atop an unbranched stem. The name sunflower may derive from the flower’s head’s shape, which resembles the sun, or from the false impression that the blooming plant appears to slowly turn its flower towards the sun as the latter moves across the sky on a daily basis. Sunflower seeds were brought to Europe from the Americas in the 16th century, where, along with sunflower oil, they became a widespread cooking ingredient.

baby sunflower by Magda DJM on 500px Field Of Sun by IMGIMAGERY on 500px Field Sentinel by Natasha Pnini on 500px Flaming Sunset by Tamás Hauk on 500px Gold by Alexandru Ionita on 500px Hello monday by Chaiyong Kokanutaporn on 500px I will survive by Zeynep Sezerman on 500px SummerSun by Irene Weiss on 500px Sunflower by Bess Hamiti on 500px sunflower by fabio greco on 500px Sunflower by Isidoro M on 500px

Closeup sunflower field

Closeup sunflower field

Sunflower by Vendenis on 500px Sunflower is coming by Cristobal Garciaferro Rubio on 500px Sunflowers into the morning light by Claudio on 500px Sunset and Moonrise by Alex Roibu on 500px Z-Sunflower by Magda Wasiczek on 500px


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