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Independence Day Celebration Wallpapers

Modi 2.0 Independence Day in 2019

The world is going to watch the great prime minister of India Narendra Damodardas Modi on 73rd Independence Day. This is his 2nd term and the 6th Independence Day speech since he became the PM of India in the year 2014. Modi 1.0 has brought vast changes the way an independence day must be celebrated in India. This year Independence Day will be a memorable one for his achievement within a few months from the day of assuming his 2nd term in office as a PM. Despite security threats, PM is going to break the protocols and will mingle with people as he did in the past. Yet, there are a lot of expectations from his mind-blowing speech. The global leaders, media personals and everyone who knows Modi is going to watch this historic event on August 15, 2019.

Modi Speech on Independence Day 2019

PM Modi is known for his I-day speeches. He is the first man to stand without a bulletproof on the podium. He is the first man to speak about the toilet and clean India imitative on an Independence Day speech. What he says on that day, he will make it happen in soon. These are like one man’s dream to build a strong nation.

Trippel Talak Issue

PM Modi has already talked in man ki bath, which is monthly addressing by PM on the radio to address his people. However, people are expecting a brainstorming speech for his initiative to make this custom in the Muslim community to be illegal. This is the first gem in his crown after taking the PM post. It took his second term to fulfill his dream to empower Muslim women. We hope a powerful speech and a message will be given to this social issue.

Article 370

The past leaders were ignored about the freedom of J&K State. It is after 60-years later, the Modi 2.0 revoked this article and a new Independence Day celebration is going to take place in the states of Jammu and Kashmir in 2019. The past leaders forget about the freedom struggle. Article 370 was one of the agendas in BJP in the election campaign. They made it successful by putting a full stop. Now, the Kashmiris can celebrate this I-day with full valor. Yet, people across India are expecting to hear something great from his speech. He has already spoken about this by addressing it on a TV show.  Now all are waiting for his I-day speech.

These two points are the major achievements of PM 2.0. The online channels are posting Independence Day wallpapers in a different design and with creativeness. Independence Day 2019 is going to be with full of colors in PVC banners. Yet digital I-day banners are already spread across with people across India. This is how 2019 is with a full of valor and pride. Let’s hope our PM will deliver more dreams and ideas to make this country a developed nation.