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Neon Lights from Neon Creations

Fascinating Places you’ll Find a Neon Sign

With the massive revival of neon lighting, there are now many places you’ll find a neon sign. Ever since George Claude invented the neon lamp in 1902, people have been quick to see the attention grabbing, advertising potential of neon lighting.  After a period of being eclipsed by other display technologies like LED displays, neon signs are now back to dazzle and grab people’s attention. If you want to excite people’s interest or stand out from the crowd, do it with neon lights – many interesting businesses are doing just that. Pubs, hotels, businesses, fairs, and restaurants are some of the places you’ll find a neon sign.

Hotels, Bars and Casinos

Pubs are one the many places you will find a neon sign. Can you imagine a bar without a neon sign? It would be unthinkable. A LED arrow pointing to entrance of a pub or to the bar’s name would somehow look out of place. Beer signs don’t have to be in pubs only, you can have them in your lounge or man cave. With the lights low, the glow from the neon sign would simply be awesome.
A hotel with its name blazing in neon will be visible at a distance and is going to stand out from other hotels in the area. Plus, the neon vacancy sign will be easy spot as people drive by.

Other places you’ll find a neon sign are casinos. People are dazzled by the flashing and pulsating lights in neon. Casino neon signs are iconic and exciting and having a casino sign in your bar will make your bar seem cool to your patrons.

Businesses and Services

There are many places where neon signs are the only way to get quick exposure to customers. What better way to set your business apart from your competitors than to have your name in neon lights. Imagine if you are a solicitor and you have your practice in neon, you would stand out immediately. Prospective clients will think of you as brave and willing to help them to the best of your ability.

Neon signs can also be found at a chemist displaying Open/Close sign and the hours of business. Some fishing equipment shops are old school with neon signs displaying the latest fishing tackle, from rods to sinkers.

Hair dressing salons that display their name and services in neon can gain an edge over their competitors.

Restaurants and Other Eateries

Nothing could be more tempting a place to visit than a sea food restaurant with blue neon signs in the form of fish, crabs and prawns? It is an easy way to lure hungry people passing by. Inside the restaurant, the latest menu is displayed in neon.
A pizza place with its name in neon is more memorable. You are more likely to take your family there again the next time you are looking for an interesting, unforgettable experience.

Fairs and Entertainment

Open fairs are a bonanza of neon signs advertising anything from fish and chips to fortune tellers to shooting competitions. There could also be a temporary neon sign that gave directions to the fair. Adult entertainment places are more tantalizing and alluring with Enter emblazoned in neon than in ordinary lighting.

Neon Creations use the latest in neon technologies and are experts in creating neon signs and lighting for all your signage needs, including branding and advertisement, home or as a gift.

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