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Top 5 Greek Honeymoon Destinations


When you find a girl for dating and then marry her, there is a question about where to go to spend the most pleasant days. Greece will be an excellent option in this matter. This is a nice destination to relax and spend some alone time with your loved one. Wonderful landscapes and natural beauty will give a lot of impressions, and the good nature and hospitality of local people will forever leave the desire to return there again.


In the capital of this country, you can admire a magnificent ensemble of various buildings. Here medieval architecture is intertwined with temples of ancient times. Everything is built according to the Greek style. Fans of historical places will appreciate the numerous interesting museums and other ancient buildings. Be sure to visit the highest point of the city – the Acropolis. Panoramic shots that can best be taken during a walk on the cable car will remind you of this city after your honeymoon ends. There are many different souvenir shops in the city where you can buy antique souvenirs and gifts. As a present to friends or relatives, you can buy not a classic magnet, but an old item. Such things are sold in numerous antique shops.


The island is filled with fun, colorful Greek entertainments, and customs. A trip to this part of Greece should be chosen by those who love modern rest, luxury service, and maximum comfort. Daytime, of course, should be given to sea procedures and chic beaches. In the evening and at night, you can spend time in the taverns of Crete. Try a traditional Greek dance Sirtaki, in which you can even break a few plates. And don’t worry – this is the custom. But if you want something more secluded, then just go to watch the beautiful sunset.


Do you want to learn what real Greece is? Go to the Peloponnese, which is simply created for relaxing trips. If you prefer beautiful hotels located at a sufficient distance from each other, spacious beaches, cozy fish restaurants on the shore of the sea, then make a trip to this island. This particular island will tell about where the Spartans lived, how civilization was formed, where the famous Olympic Games and the very first theater with acoustics originated. Mountain framing, sandy beaches in combination with the Mediterranean Sea are perfect for any newlyweds.

Mykonos Island

Mykonos Island will be perfect for couples who love nightlife. During the day, you can go on guided tours, and at night, the island is famous for its nightlife and incendiary dances. In this place, there is no place for solitude or boredom due to the fact that you can meet absolutely different people on the island. The island is famous for its abundance of pelicans. They like to stay along the coast and are absolutely not afraid of people. You can make a beautiful photo session on the shore or you can go deep into the city and capture the beauty of narrow streets, blooming flowers, and charming classical architecture.

Santorini Island

This island is famous for its temples, pure water, delicious food, and beautiful beaches. This romantic place will satisfy the most inquisitive couples, as it is famous for its unusual origin. It is believed that this island was part of Atlantis itself. Since the island has a volcanic origin, the whole landscape has unusual coloring. The shade of sand on the beach varies from pale pink to black. This was the inspiration for creating beautiful paintings of famous artists. Going to this island, don’t forget to take a romantic photo session on the beach. In this case, you will never forget it!