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Cute Cat Photos In Front Of The Windows

In this series at great inspire you are going to see beautiful and cute cat photos in front of the windows. Felicity Berkleef  is a 21 years old self-taught pet photographer in The Netherlands, who loves to take pictures of actually everything but she have to admit that own cats and other cats are one of favorite subjects. This because she can be creative with photography but she also love to capture the story behind each photo.

She cats love to go outside and investigate the world however when it’s raining they prefer to stay indoors and stare outside thew window. Two or three months back she attempt to put a blanket on them to take a sweet photo of them together and they didn’t mind it.

From that moment she decided to photograph  cats in front of the window, whenever it’s raining. Here are the cute cat photos in front of the windows. I hope you like it.